Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clean everywhere

During our trip to Europe, we spent 11 days in country. Overall it was 3 days in Germany, 1 day in Austria and 7 days in Switzerland. While there were lots of new things to see, one of the biggest things we noticed was how clean and simple things were!

We were outside hiking and enjoying the outdoors everyday and did not see any trash on the ground! I mean, there was so little trash that it began to be noticeable! There is only one reason why...people took responsibility to keep it that way. Why can't we as American's do the same thing? It would make our country so much nicer if people would keep it clean!

I suppose it can begin with me, so I pledge to keep my areas clean! How about you? You could view this as a way to honor God by working His creation, you could see it as a way to save the environment or other motives could be found. I think it' important to care for things under your influence.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Quick Review of Europe Trip!

12 days total. We departed Monday morning and arrived Tuesday morning in Frankfurt, Germany. Drove a few hours to a guest house in a country town. Crashed hard!!!! Day two was driving and staying in Austria, another guest house in a small ski area.

Day three, we arrived for a week in central Switzerland in the mountains surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. Glaciers and snow cover mountains towered across from our apartment. Day hikes and fun. Basic meals were beer, bread, cheese and Landjagers (like salami).

Final day was driving back to Germany to stay near the airport, then 24 hours of travel to be home. Amazing time and I will write more details about specific things in the days and weeks to come. This trip had a profound impact on me...I look foward to telling more stories!