Monday, October 25, 2010

Always learning

I don't read as much as I should. I do enjoy Television. Mostly, I am a participant in LIFE. That's where I learn. Then I process what I am thinking or observing with wise people in my life. What do they think. How would they react in times like these.

It's not really "group think" or that I cannot make up my own mind, I am just reminded that God has placed lots of other experienced or smart people in my life and I should ask them for help!

So, as Proverbs says over and over, "Get wisdom" and I am finding that in lots of places around me. Always keep learning and growing!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Is desire enough?

This picture was taken at the end of summer. We end our summer with a shaving cream fight with the kids.

Since I was covered with shaving cream I decided to create some art! This is the closest that I will come to a "six pack". Funny!

While I was having fun, it makes me wonder if desiring something is enough? If I want something, the beginning might be a dream or a desire for that, but it can't stop there.

In America today, I see way too many people content with wanting something, perhaps hoping that it will magically appear, rather than work for it! For me, I often think of being a doughnut salesman. To make money, reach your goals or whatever selling doughnuts, you take a long-term approach. You make only a few cents on each doughnut, so persistence is the key to success!

I will likely never have "six-pack abs", but I do know that sticking with something over a long period of time does pay off. Start with Desire, but put some action and a plan with it!!! You won't be disappointed.