Sunday, August 16, 2009

My wife is a blast!

This is toward the end of our "shaving cream" war. Lori promised the kids that we would have one, so everyone got a $1 can of Barbasol and away we went. Can I just say that at nearly 40, I am thrilled that my wife still acts like a kid. Okay, perhaps I act a little childish as well, but she keeps me young and fun.

The kids can't wait til back to school next year. Another war is coming and we add another tradition to our family.

How suddenly things change

Lori and I watched the movie, "Knowing" yesterday. It was times a little far fetched, but I get the point. One of the things that struck me was the devastation and loss of life they portrayed in the film.

As we are concluding the movie, Lori gets a call from a friend who's father just suffered a massive aneurysm. It was crazy to think that her father may not survive, may not ever be conscious so that his daughter can say goodbye.

Wow! How quickly things change, so say the important stuff now!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Predictability and foolishness

If you "pay" or "give incentives" for behavior, you can get people to respond. Cash for Clunkers is a great example of payment for behavior.

In a poor economic climate Americans should not be borrowing to purchase new cars. I would guess that in most cases that people driving a "junker" received $4,500 dollars off the purchase of a new car and are NOW MAKING PAYMENTS FOR YEARS! Yes they have a new car, but more debt is not a good solution either. Look at the following example...

If we traded our 1999 Suburban in for a GMC Acadia, given our 10,000 mile yearly driving it would take of 32 years to break even. Financially it makes more sense to drive the "junker" that I own vs. the new car that I have to make payments on!

We can predict or manipulate behavior with incentives. We can pour billions of tax dollars into programs that sell cars and help the finance industry with car loans, but American are now paying both the taxes and the car payments. Sometimes I wonder I about the foolishness of our leaders and decision makers!

I don't have trouble with incentives, but cash for clunkers benefits who????

Monday, August 3, 2009

Friends helping friends

So much in our life revolves around BUSYNESS. I know that you feel it just like I do! Sometimes when we slow down a little things happen that remind us about the good things in life worth celebrating.

Please take a moment and read this blog entry from a fellow staff member who is helping a mutual friend after a terrible fall.

If you can sponsor Chris it would make a huge difference for Dan Barker! He is a walking miracle. Praise God!