Thursday, August 2, 2012

People are all that matters!

Over the years working with kids in the Church and at camp, I have made statements about the only things that matter are Faith and People.

I rediscovered this truth recently and wanted to remind myself and those around me who true this concept is!

I spent two full days riding my motorcycle and thinking about all the things for which I was grateful. I began at my earliest memories and moved forward. Two themes began to emerge; People and Experiences. All the other memories where less clear, but the experiences combined with people or the just those individuals in my life stood out the most.

Good and bad memories involve people who celebrated or agonized WITH YOU. All parts of my life where dominated by people like Joby when I was younger. My dad, brother and other young men during my time as a Boy Scout. Serving at Mission Trips because of Don or Doug (Youth Pastors)...okay, you get the point.

Why don't you take time and consider all those who have contributed to who you are and thank them! That's what I am going to do. Thank those people who are part of me and part of God's story in me.