Monday, March 31, 2008

Bringing it home! Mountain biking at UCYC!

The group has been riding for about 4 years now, maybe more! I am riding my 4th bike, all purchased from Ebay! The purpose: to get my fat butt in shape, drop a few pounds (like 25) and perhaps add a few years to my life.

The first bike ride was an amazing adventure, but that story is better on another day! Suffice it say that I fell in love with riding, speed, crashing and the friends that would attempt the same stupid stuff!

After we began to ride, someone asked, "Hey, why can't we ride with the campers who attend UCYC?". Amazing! What a thought! So, we added mountain biking for the last 3 summers. Now, it's coming full circle and we are building a trail at camp. We began construction last week and have cleared about a 1/4 mile so far. Having ridden thousands of miles on dirt, it's fun to see it created and help set the direction.

Our trail is no "Dark Hallow" but it will be fun for students and adults, plus it should allow us to use it early in the morning before we head to work. When it's complete, I will let you know how it worked out!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Creativity defined

Austin, my 9 year old son, is currently sitting on the floor surrounded by a "race car" that he constructed out of a boxes last night. He is currently working on a launch ramp made form Kinex. Jordan, at 3 years, is working with TinkerToys. Basically, I am surrounded by swords, cars, ramps, bulldozers, airplanes and more. The "more" are the things that I don't understand what they are.

Thank God for little boys who see things that don't exist and posess the ability to make it come alive!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Grace in a funny place

So, hypothetically, if you are in a bathroom in the airport and you do your work. You reach for the paper to complete the mission and can seem to find any. Surely your just not finding the end of the role so you frantically scratch at the cardboard tube, hoping a flake will appear...Nothing.

Now it's decision time. Do you ask your stall mate (one seat to the left)? Do you "pull-up" and go next door to the empty stall? What to do????? Long pause as your mind races.

Then suddenly, as if a light shined from Heaven behind you, you remember the seat covers. Those blessed little helpers of seat separation! Well, grace was shown to me on the throne that day! So being the good natured person that I am, I shoved a few extras into the T.P. dispenser for the next poor soul!

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A little busy

The past two days have been busy. Wednesday I left early (6:30a, drove to PHX and flew to Burbank, CA. I was visiting a camp near Santa Barbara, only 12 miles to the Beach! Home at 10:30p. Long day...

Yesterday, Herry and I left early and drove to coffee with a youth pastor in Glendale, Lunch with another in Mesa, and a drop by visit with a Pastor in North Scottsdale. Are you seeing a trend here?

It sounds like whining, doesn't it. Well, I love it. I love meeting with people, and who doesn't love to travel. Flying, renting cars, sitting in LA traffic (ok, that's not cool), seeing other camps, going to the beach to "check it out". This job is AMAZING.

Mostly it's the people I work with that make this great! So, thank God for what I get to do, and thanks to Greg, Jim, Michelle, Jeni, Scooter, Herry, Hoolee, Medlin, Jones, Matt, the Flowers, Barker, Beth, Jon, Todd, Trey, the ladies of Hospitality and more!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just Getting Started

My life is like mountain biking. This morning we began our early morning rides. Leaving the house before the sun is up (5:45am) and trying to get home by 7am (Give or take a few minutes because of frozen cables or a broken chain).

Let me just take this moment to say, "it's a little cold at that time in the morning". I saw the weather and it was "48", but I don't think we got above 38degrees. My toes were frozen when I got home.

Sounds like life, huh! Well, the process of beginning new things or returning to things you love doing is what I am talking about! So, now I am trying this venture in blogging. It's a simple way for me to communicate. Perhaps we can journey and discuss together. Feel free to write anytime.