Monday, January 3, 2011

Room at the Top

During church service yesterday I was mentally "derailed" by the lyrics to a song. It was a new song for me, so I don't know the lyrics exactly, but they were something like this, "you are the only thing..."

While I don't remember the lyrics, what I remember is thinking that God is NOT the only thing that I think of. During this time of the year people all over the world are evaluating their priorities for 2011. They are trying to make progress in many different areas so they accomplish their goals. Having goals like this are good, however, for me, I am going to try a different approach.

Since there is ONLY ROOM FOR ONE at the top of my life, I am going to try keeping that spot for Jesus and let all the other priorities find their way into the other spots. The way I see it, you really can serve ONE at the top. You may choose to reserve the spot at the top for Jesus, if not, who or what is at the top? There is only room for ONE!