Saturday, August 6, 2011

Juvenile Leadership

All this talk about Debt Talks, US economy and a lot more has me fired up these days!

It hit a peak this morning when I was hearing news reports of the White House making excuses! Now before you get mad at me for picking on the White House or the President, I am making a point of Leadership. The Administration is the best example today, but I have heard the same things from all parts of the political landscape.

So, back to the excuses. When I hear statements like, "there was massive spending before we took office" or "we are fighting 2 wars", I get frustrated because these facts were known before President Obama was elected or his staff selected to serve in the White House.

Jim Rome (Sports Radio Icon) used to say "Scoreboard". Like it or not President Obama and White House staff, you CANNOT make excuses any longer! The Scoreboard says that you are loosing and no amount of words will change that. It's time for different action and some ownership of your actions since you took office.

The task at hand is massive, but we Americans believe that it can and will be done. This economy will turn around. People will go back to work and you can be part of the solution or we will suffer through until you are done and elect someone else who has the courage to Lead America!