Wednesday, December 29, 2010

GPS Watch, finally got one

I have wanted a GPS watch for a long time and finally purchased one with Christmas gift money. Check out this price on the Garmin 405! comes through again!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Personal service continues the story

Below is the coorespondence that I had with Dish Network. I am reminded as I do my work, that personal touch is vital. Not just in relationships, but in business as well.

Probably my biggest issue with Dish Network was my treatment. I am more than just a call on a switchboard or an annoying email. I am a customer, YOUR customer and I deserve to be treated as such. Without people like me you don't have a business.

However, Brian came through by answering my questions personally and offering his apologies for his company. That is huge. If Dish Network continues with this type of work with customers, then I think they have a long and prosperous future. I look forward to working with them again someday!

Sent: Friday, December 17, 2010 12:50 PM
Subject: Follow up regarding Customer Service

Charlie and Company,

I have been a Dish Network customer since 1/02. We have paid on time and been a reliable customer for the service we received.

A few weeks ago, I began thinking about lowering our monthly bills. I could cut service, but did not want to do that, so I began looking at offers from Dish Network and even considered jumping to Directv. My preference was to stay with your company.

I wrote an email to customer service about offers for existing customers. I had hoped that I would be dealt with Personally, but clearly it was "copy and paste" response in the reply email. The link they sent did not work.

I submitted this to you via the "Charlie Chat" website. I also replied to the customer service representative.

In addition, I posted on Facebook, twitter (including @Dishnetwork) in my tweet and blogged about my issues. These three were all attempts to see if Dish Network is paying attention to customers. No reply on any of these channels.

After 3 weeks, we decided to drop Dish Network because of the poor service.

Perhaps I have been labeled a "bad customer" or something, but the follow-up call to get me back was bad. The caller sounded mad at me.

Your company wants the equipment back, Okay, but then I get an email stating that I will be charged $15/box to send back the DVR & LNB. Plus two additional emails and a phone call stating that I will be charged for the equipment if I don't get it back.

I am speechless. I have never been treated in such a hostile way! In my work I oversee Sales, Marketing and Fund Raising for a non-profit church camp, so I know customer service. Perhaps my expectations are too high, but I would hope that Dish Network would try to do a better job in taking care of customers.

In my opinion, this could have gone a completely different way. Dish Network had a chance to keep my business with a more dignified approach and even turn me into a huge fan helping to promote Dish Network.

I am not looking for anything other than an opportunity to tell you my story so that others might not have this experience. I would be happy to write or speak to you over any of these issues if that would be helpful.

twitter id: coyneop

Acct #:

Here is Dish Network's response:
Good morning,

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns and frustrations with your attempt to stay with us here at DISH Network.
Let me start with thanking you for all of the years that you were with us; I truly wish I had been involved with your attempts to stay here.

In just the past 2 weeks we have started a new team that is trying to keep up with internet chatter, tweets, blogs…etc…..Hopefully we will see a dramatic improvement in response to these forms of communication.

The phone calls regarding return of equipment are in no way singling you out from any other customer, when a customer disconnects service our system gives them 30 days to return equipment. If it is not received by then the value of this equipment is charged to their account and most of the time it is debited from the credit/debit card used to originally secure the account.
The calls are intended to assist with making sure this equipment is returned not overlooked and then creating a much more unpleasant experience.

The $15.00 return label fee is a new initiative from this year, disconnecting customer are supplied with a prepaid label to return equipment, if they use it $15.00 is charged to the end balance of their closed account.
I am going to issue a credit to cover this charge for you, if you don’t mind letting me know when you have dropped off the receiver at UPS I can watch and make sure it is removed from the account.

Last, you currently have a credit balance on your account of $26.13, I am issuing a refund for that right now, and you should see this in the next 2-3 business days.

Again thank you for all of the business, you guys were fantastic customers, I just wish we had reacted better to your attempts to stay.

Please keep my information, let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


Brian Martinez
Executive Communications
Dish Network L.L.C.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here is how Dish Network finished our relationship

After 9 years of paying on time and seeing the best programs go to new customers, here is what happened at the end.

Objective 1: I wanted to lower our bill and not loose programming if possible.
Objective 2: Keep the relationship with DishNetwork
Objective 3: Perhaps upgrade to Hi Def TV in the process

I wrote in to Dish Network an email asking these questions. Instead of treating me like a customer, I was treated like a "number" and was given a link to see if we qualify for any discounts. THE LINK WAS WRONG.

I then sent that information to Charlie (CEO of DishNetwork) and heard nothing for 3 weeks.

I then contacted Directv and made other arrangements which covered our objectives except #2. When I wrote in to cancel Dish Network, it was really nothing to them to loose me. They did not act like it mattered. Even the follow-up phone call a few days later indicated the same.

Lastly, I received an email saying that I have to return the equipment AND I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT'S RETURN! Wow...I cannot think of poorer customer service. We spent of $5,000 in the last 9 years and your company can't pay for the return of your equipment.

It's a wonder that you can stay in business. I do customer service as part of my work. I would loose my job if I did what you did! Hope you read this, which you probably don't. I even posted on Twitter and Facebook to see if you have anyone looking. Probably not since on one commented.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to treat people well!

I was in Starbucks in Tucson on Tuesday morning. One of the ladies working there was busy making drinks and talking with people. It was fun to watch as she called those that she knew by name. She would ask a question that was more than small talk. "How is your son?" for example, and she was asked about how she was doing (pregnant) by another lady.

I sat in the corner drinking coffee and checking email while this lady conducted a church service right there. She was listening, engaging people, laughing with them and talking about real issues. It was a great reminder to me!

If we REALLY CARE about people, then an outsider (like myself) can see it unfold! If the Church REALLY CARES about people, then outsiders will love to watch and become involved because in that place, you are really important. Your story, your life and the things you value are heard and responded to!

I recommit to treat people like the Starbucks lady, how about you?