Monday, August 30, 2010

Priorities explored.

My son was watching "Whale Wars" yesterday. I don't he had ever seen it and I certainly have not until then. We watched about 20 minutes of the show. Later I was thinking about a show, a crew of people, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to stop people from killing whales. Hummmm????

A few years ago our camp tried to purchase private land in AZ to develop a new camp. We were denied because of the proximity of the Mexican Spotted Owl. Hummmmm???

There are times that it seems like animals are more valued that people! While animals cannot speak up for themselves, neither can unborn children, or children starving in other parts of the world. Hummm????

Perhaps it's time to reevaluate our priorities? What is truly important? What is truly worth giving your life for? As always, it's your decision, I just hope you choose wisely.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hilarious sign on the side of the road!

I had just finished coffee with Jim from work. We were driving back to camp and noticed this sign. Actually, it "screamed" for our attention. We were dying laughing so I quickly turned around and took this picture.

You know that we teach our children to practice some discretion. Well, this is the definition of the opposite of being discrete! In context, this sign sits at the entrance to the rodeo grounds in Prescott. This whole thing screams irony to me!!!! Anyway, this may be a reality for all men but I had to find the humor in it. After all, it's going to be a pain in the A#*, if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vouch for you

On Tuesday afternoon I met two youth pastors for lunch down in Goodyear, AZ. Steve Graham has been attending camp for years and he is a huge supporter. I met the other youth pastor (Jeremiah) for the first time at the meeting. While we were looking around their church campus, we walked into an office and there was Sean Smith!

I have known Sean since he was a high school student and in recent years he was a youth pastor who brought kids to UCYC. Here is the point. Jeremiah was considering what to do for summer camp in 2011 and Sean spoke on behalf of the camp! Thanks Sean.

While the concept is not new, vouching for someone or something you know illustrates a powerful point. People listen to other people. I suppose one of the best endorsements of YOU, would be from another person!

I challenge you today to speak on behalf of those you care about, the things you believe in and become more vocal about your thoughts! Vouch for the things that are important.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moving forward

I attended the Global Leadership Summit last week. One part of Bill Hybels opening talk that sticks out in my mind was that "leaders move people from "here" to "there". He went on to explain that leaders cast vision about "there" and how good it will be when we arrive "there". Then, reality sets in!

You begin to receive email that your team doesn't want to go "there", because "we like here". Sound familiar? It should. Moving people, whether your family, co-workers, friends of other relationships is never easy! You can paint a great picture about how much better this new place is, but you will miss a step unless you address "here".

Wisely, Hybels reminds leaders to openly discuss how staying "here" is bad. It might be the death of our organization to remain "here", so we must go "there". Step 1 is to make sure everyone understands why leaving is essential, it's not only about going TO some new destination, but we are leaving FROM this place that no longer serves us as it should.

Good luck moving people. Thanks Bill Hybels for the reminder

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A huge change in our son from allergies

Jordan is 5 years old. He has suffered from allergies his whole life. Recently we heard about a Doctor in Phoenix treating people for allergies so we thought we would check it out.

The doctor diagnosed the items that Jordan was reacting to and corrected the problem. I will not attempt to explain to you how or why it works, I can just tell you that it does. Here are the top few things that we have seen different in our child.

1. His skin is clear. His legs would normally be dry and itchy, especially in the bath...all gone!
2. His stomach does not bloat or feel bad any longer.
3. He has been trying new foods and his overall behavior has been better.

What's that worth? To us it's worth every penny we have spent so far. This Doctor can help and if you mention my name I will receive referral will you when you refer people to him as well. Try it out, what have you got to loose except bad health!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Seeing something new in something old

I went on a mountain bike ride this morning. It was overcast and I was riding alone. I put on some music and started up the hill. Just before I reach the top there is a great view of Granite Mountain. I have seen it hundreds of times from this location and it's always amazing.

This morning however, it had begun to rain and the clouds were hanging lower than normal. I was equal to the clouds riding in the rain and Granite Mtn. Well, it was shrouded in dense fog and was the most beautiful way I have seen it. Funny how we can see something many times and if we look again, we can discover something new to appreciate.

Perhaps that's why the Bible seems to unfold before our eyes, at times, like we have never read it before. Perhaps it's why your spouse is some amazing and complex that you continue to discover how amazing they are as well.

My suggestion? Keep looking, you may find some NEW inside something OLD.