Friday, October 28, 2011

We will do it ourselves

Reading in "Money" magazine November 2011 edition, I found an article regarding how the economy has changed people. It's a great read!

It covers surveys in 2009 and 2011 regarding how the economy has affected families. There is a glaring result that caught my attention. The data suggests that in most households 2011 is better than 2009 and the future looks better for them. HOWEVER, it's definetly not because of the actions of the government.

It seems clear that families have lowered their debt, began saving more money and live a simpler life enjoying time with family more than ever! The government solution and/or economy does not look better yet they are optimistic because THEY ARE DOING IT THEMSELVES.

Sounds like the Country that I know and love. Join the rest and take control, don't wait for someone else to help!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taking time to listen and learn

I was reminded recently about the power of listening and learning. I was doing some welding at a friends house. I have done this many times before and always with a long sleeve shirt. On the day in question, I wore a sleeveless shirt.

My friend said "you are going to get burnt, you better put on a long sleeve shirt", I responded by saying that I would change if I got burnt. I was talking about slag from the welding landing on my skin and burning me, he was talking about "sunburn" from the welder.

Have you ever done something like this? He and I even used the same word: burnt, but we meant different things from it. 5 days later my arm is peeling like crazy because I fried it. All this could have been avoided if I would have taken a few extra moments to clarify what he meant vs. what I meant.

Next time I weld, it's long sleeves for me, but I had to pay a price when someone who knew better was helping me and I did not understand!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Social norms...shattered!

Just before church on Sunday morning last weekend, I ran to the bathroom. First, let me give some context. Men have this unwritten rule that you really don't speak to other men in the bathroom. Perhaps this goes back ages to our early ancestors, or perhaps just to modern America, but that's the RULE!

So, there I was standing at the urinal and this young man approached and said hello to gentlemen next to me and then said "Hello sir" to me! I would guess his age to be about mid 30's and he appears to have mild "Down Syndrome" or something similar. I responded back and then began to think about what just happened.

To be honest, I was moved by this young man who saw a friend and said hello, then not wanting to be unfriendly, he spoke to me. FORGET THE RULES, he was being better than the rules.

I hope I can grow up and ignore stupid societal rules in order to care for people. Don't you???