Thursday, April 18, 2013

A good looser

Growing up with Joby was the amazing! We were the best of friends since grade school. We have so many great memories together that I cannot hardly remember them all.

We were brothers. I could not have asked for a better young man to grow up with!

It was because of this relationship that I learned to be a good looser! You see, Joby was a great athlete. He was tall and strong, left-handed and a great work ethic. During those early baseball years, he was an All-star and was able to play at a high level of success!

Joby was brilliant. He did amazingly well in school and graduated top of our class! Joby cared for people and was in church every weekend with his family. He served his parents/family by watching over his two younger siblings.

Bottom line: Joby excelled at everything and I was not! However, he won and excelled with such dignity that I learned to loose well. He was such a great winner, that I learned to be a good looser! To try and fail against such a humble person was the best thing this ego-filled young man could have ever experienced!

I thank God that I grew up with Joby Taylor. God has helped shape me through his influence in so many ways!

I was reminded of Joby and our friendship as I rode my motorcycle and thought about my childhood. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Who are you grateful for? Have you taken the time to tell them? Do it today!

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