Sunday, April 14, 2013

Becoming a servant

My best friend Joby and I mowed grass for years in Oklahoma. We created TC Lawncare and worked many days during the summer taking care of peoples yards. While it was work, it taught us about serving others! The Skaggs family would be nervous if their grass grew half an inch that week, so we took care of their lawn about every 5 days. We have so many stories about our adventures in mowing.

I bring it up now because cutting grass and a few church "mission" trips helped me to see the world differently! During our Senior year of High School, Joby and I both went to Haiti for a work trip. We helped construct a church building in the mountains.

I learned that I make weekly mowing lawns the same as an adult in Haiti makes annually! That truth rocked my world! God was forming in me a need to serve! To this day, I look back at trips like Haiti and mowing grass all summer as furtile ground for Servant training.

Who are you serving today? How has your past shaped your servant response to those around you? You can serve the less fortunate and well as the extremely wealthy, because God's love must be shown to all! You can serve those far away, a neighbor across the street and inside your own household. 

Don't forget to serve!

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