Friday, September 24, 2010

Who are you like?

Ok, I wake up freakishly early at times! I admit it. My mind can just take off and early in the day is better for me to be creative and get things done.

Now, I don't recall my Grandma being an early riser, but I would guess she was. What I do recall is her "motor". Her capacity to work hard and fast was a huge part of her identity. She passed that on to my mom and apparently on to me. My wife calls me D.E. (Damn Efficient) at times because of the pace of my work. I can frustrate her by putting things away that she was not finished with, etc!

Anyway, the point is...Who are you like? Where did you get your traits, training, habits and more? I am not defending being an early bird, but I honor my mom and grandma by continuing this way. Honor those in your life as well.

Monday, September 20, 2010

What's the purpose for what God has given us?

At church this weekend we celebrated a time of worship. Not the music only, but the whole theme was WORSHIP. The band was a 3 piece and the put up a stage in the center of the room. All seats faced the middle and there were diagonal aisles running from the back to each corner of the stage.

Instead of the pastor speaking for a chunk of time, they used Elders from the body to cover different aspects of what it means to worship and after each we would sing more songs. It was a great time!

Eric Nelson asked the question that I put in the title. "What's the purpose for what God has given us?" Great question! It's the kind of thing that stops me in my tracks. It may mean nothing to you today, but I know that this is a fundamental question that we should be asking!

Why do I have the things I have? Why do I get to live with Lori (my wife)? Why do I get to be the father of 3 great (not perfect) kids? Why do I live in America? Why do I get to be rich when compared to the World? What does God want me to do with all He has given to me?

Answer these types of questions to ensure you are on the right path, or you may find a new path unfolding as you consider all that you have been entrusted. Even that bad stuff is good when we trust God.

Eric told of a friend who had cancer that killed him 2 years later. At his diagnosis he said, "this is the biggest thing God has ever entrusted to me". Wow. I am speechless about his understanding. What's the purpose for what God has given to YOU? Enjoy the thoughts, I hope they help you today!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Living at what level

Last week in a home Bible study we were discussing elements of our faith. Kip was speaking about the level that Americans live at. He was saying that the "bottom" of the standard of living keeps moving up! I can see that clearly. Working at a church camp, I do not make a huge salary, but we are well taken care of! We have lots of great stuff, go on great vacations and our kids really don't need anything, and many of our wants are satisfied.

However, during an economic time like we are living in today, many people, including myself don't want to go "down" the economic ladder. Some don't have a choice, but Americans seem to feel like "we have arrived" at this level and should never go below it again. UNREALISTIC!

Perhaps, it's times like these that keep us focused on the important things and it's not a great vehicle or nice home. It's family, friendships and God!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finishing a promise

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is my local representative in the US Congress. Having not met her I cannot comment on the type of woman she is. I have some friends down the street who enjoy her and the work she has done.

I have heard some of her ads on the radio and her list of accomplishments are good, however I will not be voting for her in November! REASON: health-care.

Our health-care system needed work, but this bill was so bad that I vowed to vote against anyone who supported it. Trying to be a man of my word, I will not be supporting Ann Kirkpatrick this fall.

Have you made promises like this? Perhaps you judge my promise as shallow, that's okay! I have one vote to cast and I am going to vote in the future, remembering that I was frustrated then and made this commitment to myself. While I don't have the same anger/frustration now, I made a promise then and I am going to finish what I started.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hold on loosely

This phrase is not only lyrics from song, but it's a great way to live. Sometimes, we desire to direct EVERYTHING in our life = frustration! Perhaps we should relax our grip on life.

Sometimes, family issues are overwhelming and we just want to get out...but we are still related. So, you go back to the beginning, "I love them" and try again! You can't make anyone, especially family, do anything! You just have to work WITH them.

Work can be affected! None of us control the economy or how people react. We cannot guarantee our own jobs! So, we hold on loosely and do our part.

For me, I hold on tight to Jesus Christ, because He is one of those for me that is an anchor! I can hold tightly to Him and hold on loosely to everything else.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time with old friends

For the past 3 days, we have hosted the Poore's. They are old friends from our time in St. Peters, MO. Greg has been serving on staff at a great church in League City, TX.

Here is what I noticed about them! Time changes things and then again it doesn't. The Poore's have all their kids out of the home and they are on to a new phase of life - CHANGE! Then again, time with Greg and Kay is just like it was 10 years ago when we lived near each other- SAME.

I guess the point is that although we grow and change that if we allow ourselves to remain consistent, then we can continue where we left off! Lori and I are in different places in our parenting as well, but we are still the same people.

What about you? Are you growing and changing AND staying the same? Take a few minutes to analyze where you are and make adjustments if you don't like where you are going!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Owning your stuff

Spring 2010, the Coyne family bought a 2 night vacation near Sedona, complete with timeshare presentation. We completed our stay and presentation, but did not buy anything.

Package Details:
Your Highland Resorts Vacation Package Includes: 3 days 2 nights at Verde Ridge Resort in a 1-bedroom condo or studio, 3/2 w/ airfare to Vegas/Orlando, $300 Grocery rebates.

At the end we did not receive the highlighted items above! I called a few times and tried to speak with the owner of the company, but they were unwilling to provide what they promised. So, I use this as a reminder to DO WHAT YOU SAY, and SAY WHAT YOU DO!

Also, don't do business with Vacations Unlimited or Vacation Station. They will not honor their commitments.

Vacations Unlimited LLC.
5555 Irish Lane
Fitchburg, WI 53711